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Web Based Human Resource Management System

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Web Based Human Resource Management System Developed in PHP.


  • Mobile compatible.
  • Multi language support.
  • Admin and Employee panel.
  • Beautiful Dashboard.
  • Set working days, holidays and create events.
  • Upcoming birthday notification.
  • Control you notification settings.
  • Department, designation management
  • Complete employee management.
  • View employee list.
  • Employee attendance management.
  • Attendance report monthly or yearly in PDF, Excel file.
  • Generate attendance report.
  • Receive, accept or reject applications.
  • Complete payroll management.
  • Set employee salary details.
  • Make payment.
  • Generate payslip.
  • Create and manage notice board.
  • Complete expense management.
  • Add or manage expenses.
  • Configure personalized mailbox.
  • Receive and send email.
  • Save email as draft for later use.
  • Database backup

Employee Account Features

  • Submit new application
  • View previous applied applications
  • Get notified of his / her applied applications
  • Send or receive new mails.
  • View inbox and sent items.
  • View Recent Notice
  • View Up coming Events
  • View his / her personal information
  • View holiday list
  • View award list.

Admin Account Features

  • Manage general setting and information of your company.
  • Set working days.
  • Create leave category according to your need.
  • Set notification settings.
  • Create holiday list and manage holidays.
  • Select language settings.
  • Create department and set designation under department.
  • Add, update or delete employee.
  • Set employee salary details.
  • Give employee awards.
  • Manage employee attendance with intelligent attendance management system.
  • Generate attendance report monthly or yearly in PDF, Excel file.
  • Set application category.
  • View, set status to employees application.
  • Interactive and intelligent payroll management.
  • Set employee salary details and type.
  • View update employee salary list if required.
  • Make payment of employee salary.
  • Generate payslip of salary for employees.
  • Expense management of company.
  • Create and manage expense category.
  • Add expense amount and bill copy to track expenses.
  • View and generate PDF of monthly, yearly expense report.
  • Configure and update personal email in mailbox.
  • View inbox and compose new email.
  • View sent mails and save email as draft.

Generate and maintain notice

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