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PHP Live Chat Support System

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PHP Live Chat Support System Features:

Over 10+ Chat Window Themes
There are over 10+ chat window themes to choose from to match your website design. The chat themes can be set for both the visitor chat window and the operator console chat window.
Assign An Operator To Multiple Departments
A single operator can be assigned to multiple departments, providing the operator to quickly view which department the visitor is trying to reach. It also allows the visitor to narrow their support topic. Unlimited number of departments can be created!
Chat With Multiple Visitors Simultaneously
One operator can service many chat requests simuntaenously. However, if the operator prefers to focus on only one chat request at a time, simply set the max “concurrent chat” limit to 1 for the operator.
Mobile SMS Alert For New Chat Requests
The operators can receive new chat request mobile SMS alert. This allows the operator to be away from the computer and when a visitor requests chat, an SMS alert will be sent to the operator’s mobile.
View Your Website Traffic In Real-Time
Knowing your website traffic patterns throughout the day is crucial. The real-time traffic monitor will provide valuable website traffic information. View visitor webpage footprints, connecting IP address and more.
Visitor Insight With GeoIP And Google Maps
Whether your business caters to customers locally, nationally or internationally, the GeoIP and Google Maps integration will enable your operators to quickly view the visitor’s IP address demographic.


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